Parity is a crucial element of mental health care, requiring insurers to cover mental illness to the same degree as any bodily illness. While this has been law since 2008 with the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, you may still be experiencing parity violations by your insurer. According to, Arkansas receives a failing grade at 59/100 for its mental health parity statutes in 2018. If you believe your parity rights have been violated, visit for information on filing an appeal to receive the coverage you deserve.

As enrollment is underway for healthcare coverage, you will want to be as thorough as possible in examining and determining which plan is best for you.  As 1 in 5 Adults experiences a mental illness in America, mental health care is of the upmost importance.  An alarming report by the Kaiser Foundation, however, reveals that only 57% of of short term plans in Arkansas cover mental health care, and 33% cover substance abuse and prescription drugs each.